My life’s leadership lessons

This blog site is my means to document all the lessons I learned in life that I feel would help others to be better in theirs.

After watching the movie Bucket List, I decided to have one of my own and one of the items in my list is to write a book. This blog site is my version of writing a book.

I was born in the early seventies and have worked for more that 20 years in 3 continents. I started working as a teacher, then a programmer, then a people manager, and now I am in sales and account management.

This eagerness to write has been long-time coming and the COVID19 lock down got me seated to finally do it.

I will share all the lessons I have learned from all my years, which I feel would benefit many in the same way I did.

I would start with blogs from my childhood and move up to current times. I hope you enjoy reading.

Thank you!

Youtube Channel (Coming Soon)

This channel consists of my vlogs about the leadership lessons and skills I learned from all my mentors, particularly my dad.

Coaching Services

These are one-on-one sessions with me to discuss in detail leadership lessons in this blog that you feel maybe applicable to your needs.

My fundamentals in leadership and management in the corporate world were taught by Ed. He’s a truly inspirational mentor.

Jerry Sagmaquen, Director of Commercial Strategy & International Operations, Viventis Search Asia

The management style that enabled me to effectively manage 3,500 FTE was greatly influenced by my mentor Eduardo. Truly an innovator in management and leadership.

Dan Centeno, Director of Business Development and Operations, APAC ECR Electronics

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